Awesome Sports Bars in Dubai

If you’re on the lookout for somewhere to really enjoy this summer of sport in Dubai, then these awesome sports bars in Dubai should be near the top of your list. They’re all amazing, have some great offers and can be the perfect replacement for a normal Ladies Night in Dubai.

The Irish Village

What it is: One of the most authentic and down-to-Earth Irish destinations in Dubai, The Irish Village is incredibly popular and has amazing offers on food and drinks. If you’re hoping to catch the game while at The Irish Village then you’ll be glad to know that they will be showing all of the action, live, on their many LED TVs inside the pub. It’s an amazing night out and the excitement of the football just adds to the experience.

Where to go: You’ll find The Irish Village on 31 A Street in Al Garhoud in Dubai.

When to go: Go throughout the World Cup to watch the latest FIFA World Cup Matches.

Lock, Stock & Barrel

What it is: Lock, Stock & Barrel is a cool venue in an impressive hotel on The Palm, which will be hosting every sport you can possibly think of. You’ll be able to choose from just grabbing a few drinks or sitting down for one of their signature dishes while you watch the live sporting action on their LED screens. After the match you can head down onto the dance floor where you can bust your best moves to celebrate a win or just drown your sorrows after a loss.

Where to go: Head down to Lock, Stock & Barrel at the Rixos Premium on The Palm.

When to go: Whenever your favourite sporting match is on.

Bridgewater Tavern

What it is: Another awesome choice, if you’re located near Business Bay then the JW Marriott Marquis’ Bridgewater Tavern has loads of amazing food and will be showing all of the latest sporting events within the venue.

Where to go: Find the Bridgewater Tavern at the JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay.